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10 Essential Small Business Tips To Get Technology Right

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Are you among the people who just started out a Business? Congratulations, you started out at the beginning of our economic venture. Are you not getting sleep, fed up with too much work, and now you realize that for being an entrepreneur requires allot of work!

One thing is for sure, If you are looking for glamour, then you are headed in the wrong direction. When have you seen technology people with glamour? That’s right!

You need resources to get you started in your business, I will give you the top 10 advices to get you started.

1. Keep your start up costs low

What used to be unreachable ten years ago is now very accessible, startup technology costs are very low compared to earlier days, in addition the recession has put pressure on providers of hardware and software to keep their prices low.

The concept of buying is slightly fading every year, with Cloud Based services, most of the tools you need are up for rent, with a monthly fee, no hardware cost and on top of that NO maintenances. This is great for startup companies.

2. Take advantage of Free Trials

Most software providers will give you a free trial for their tools, which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of these offers. During these processes you can perform live activities and work that might earn you money also, you are only obliged to pay when you exceed the trial period.

3. Gain maximum efficiency for your productivity

There are many options for you when it comes to choosing the right software resources, as well as many configuration options. The most important factor of these resources is that they help you to be more efficient with your productivity.

When you mainly focus on efficiency, you are able to cut out significantly on your cost, which will therefore lead to more profit. Especially when you are starting out at the beginning, it is all about productivity. Each minute that you save is more money that you can do with your business.

For advertising your company with productive benefits, you need to write proposals, make sales, deliver services that customers want and solve problems that are encountered in your technology business. Basically, you need to skip the hassle, and start working on your customer needs.

4. Promote your company

Of course we are not all born with two right hands, some of us even started their childhood without the existence of computers. You should promote your company in the right way, watch your competition and see how they are actively promoting, you can do the same and enhance it to reach your audience.

5. Protect personal information

Microsoft discovered recently that hackers had infected computers in China with viruses, this was done before they were on sale. The people who bought them would receive a computer, with a virus already integrated, that is how smart they can be.

In the European market, there is nothing to worry about, as this did not affect them. However, it is a lesson for you to have an antivirus protection for your computers, this is essential. Without having the right security, your information is liable to be stolen by hackers. You need to secure your information

You don’t have to be an expert in security, as long as you understand how your antivirus works.

This means you have to install software that does the protection for you.

6. Choosing the right password

The ideal password is 8 characters or more, mix them with special characters like ‘#’ and ‘%’.

Using more common passwords is unfortunately often seen, something like ‘’administrator’’, ‘’123456’’ and the likes. You should avoid using them, don’t use obvious phrases like your family name or birthday. They are too easy to guess.

Having said that, you should also change your password regularly, and don’t use the same credentials for all your websites. Your security is the weakest link you have, if a hacker obtains it, you compromise all your online activities.

7. Build up customer relationships

A vital component, which is made possible by technology, is the possibility to communicate with your customers, without having to meet them in person. You can find out more about pay per click advertising to reach new customers. You can also build your relationship with an email list, take for example, Microsoft Publisher, with ease, you can create newsletters and send them out to all your customers on a daily or maybe weekly basis, you decide for yourself.

Also, have the option for your customers to provide feedback and ask you questions about your services and products.

8. Make your information accessible

Key factor for your success is the ability to have your company information available on all your devices, when evaluating software, you must determine if are able to share your information with other devices and other users in your company.

Also, if you need to export documents for your administration, make sure you are able to do so, this will also make it easier for you when you want to move to another provider.

9. Customer Service and 24/7 support

It is not uncommon to see customer service availability of 24 hours per day, if you do this and you keep working in the evenings and weekends you will end up losing your effectiveness. Instead put all the technology recourses to good use, be available at the times customers need you the most.

Use Outlook to maintain automatic responses when you are out of the office. You can send an alert message to your phone, and by prioritizing your messages you are able to assist directly with urgent cases.

10. Stay Online, Everywhere, Be Mobile

As a small business, you need to get a smartphone or tablet. These devices will keep you active on the road. You can call your customers anywhere at any given moment, this will increase your customers trust. Not using a phone outside your company can have dramatic consequences, you might lose out on costumers!

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